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Acrylic Full Set $35
Acrylic Fill $24
Gel Full Set $46
Gel Fill Set $38
Solar Nail Full Set $50
Solar Nail Fill $43
Liquid Nail Full Set $45
Liquid Nail Fill $40
Nail Cut Down $3
Nail Removal $10 & Up
Nail Repair $3 & Up
Manicure $20
Gel Manicure $35
Pedicure $33
Mani & Pedi $53
Spa Mani $30
Spa Pedi (See Menu)
Spa Mani & Spa Pedi $72
French Design $7 & Up
Designs by Hand $5 & Up
Polish Change $10 & Up
Gel Polish Change $23
Dipping Powder $45
Paraffin Dip $10

Any Service with Gel Polish add $15 More



I. Basic Pedicure (**) Reg / Gel $33 / $47

-Standard pedicure procedure, basic sand scrub and lotion masssage.

II. Spa Pedicure - Sugar Scrub (***) Reg / Gel $42 / $57

*Your choice: Mango / Lemon/ Green Tea / Lavender

Seasonal Scent(s).........


-Standard pedicure procedure with spa formular products: Sugar Scrub, Mint Foot Mask, Organic Scented Oil, and Body Yougurt Lotion.

-Massage steps with standard foot scrub, foot mask, hot towels, hot stones, oil and lotion massage.

III. Deluxe Pedicure - OPI (****) Reg / Gel $52 / $67

*Your choice: Tropical/Mint

Seasonal Scent(s):.

-Deep clean pedicure procedure with high-end OPI products: Crystal Scrub, Pomergranate Moisture Mask, Organic Scented Oil, and Body Yougurt Lotion.

-Deep and longer massage with high-class crystal scrub, mud mask, hot towels, hot stones, oil and lotion massage.

Seasonal Price : $47 / $62

IV. Luxury Organic Pedicure (*****) Reg / Gel $61 / $76

"Your choice: Lavender Breeze / Green Tea Latte /

Honey Pearl / Tropical Citrus

Seasonal Scent(s):............


-Deep door pedicure procedure with Special TSC Organic Products sensitive and damaged skin: 100% Organic Sea Salt, Honey S. Marine Cooling Mask, Organic Scented Oil, and Massage Crem.

-Deeper and longer massage with luxury sea salt foot soaking, exfoliating oot scrub, moisture foot mask, hot towels, hot stones massage > 5 stones), oil and cream massage.

*100% Parelen Frec, products made with Certified Organic Argan 017, Oryan Coconut Oil, and Organic Sweet Amond Oil.

Seasonal Price : $56 / $71